Gesture Drawings Week 1: Walking

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Clay Figure Project

rsz_warriorIn line with our previous studies, this project centers around conceiving a design of our own creation, and rendering it into a tangible 3D form by means of modeling clay. By my designs, I created a warrior by which I stayed true to the original designs, diverting very little. From the earliest stages, important design decisions had to be made with the armature; this would decide the pose. As such, I utilized a strong line of motion, and built the pose around that. Scale is another factor to consider. Just like painting on a canvas, a composition should take full use of its boundaries. I made my form as large as I could, given the size of the supports and stand.

As an organic form, there are few geometric elements and many imperfections within the piece. A conscious design decision was weathering the warrior’s armor, as this creates more of a story behind the model, as opposed to everything being pristine. Textures were achieved through the use of detailing tools, notably seen in the repeating patterns of the hair and simulated fabric.

Additional Images:

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Machine Animation

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Creation Story Comic

Adapting a creation story is not only an undertaking for interpreting the tale through comic form, but also for respecting the source material and faithfully rendering the events as they were told. The first step is finding a story that is of personal interest and suitable for an abridged retelling. I found the traditional Potawatomi creation story to be a visually rich tale through its description of a lush word and a people to inhabit it. For the sake of the comic, I focused on the main point of the story; the creation of the red man, and worked the narrative around this revelation. Continue reading

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Wood Carving Project

piece1Nature itself has limitless possibilities. Ideally, it’s the perfect inspiration for designs in art. Through observation, I stylized various forms that I saw in nature. My final design was an amalgamation of two separate designs, based on a plant and a leaf. While the likeness wasn’t immediately representational, I borrowed from the design principles of nature to emulate the same energy and impact of the source. Continue reading

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Character Render


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Self Portrait Project




When choosing a self portrait, there are many routes that can be taken, which is why I wanted to set mine apart from a more conventional approach. To start, I zeroed in on one part of the face, the eyes, and used shading techniques to go about bringing them out. As opposed to a whole face, I felt that the tone and emotion of a picture could be adequately expressed with just the eyes. The expression and shading really factored into this. Continue reading

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