Senior Studio Preproduction

scenePresenting my the preproduction process of my project involved using my scanned storyboards to explain my story all the way through, as if presenting to a brand new audience. I talked through my scanned storyboards to give a more in-depth description of the story and explain my choices. It was also important to explain certain changes that I adopted based on critiques. Continue reading

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Senior Studio Schedule

Calendar Excel Document

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Senior Studio Project – Storyboards

This gallery contains 32 photos.

I chose to base my sequence of storyboards off of my second logline, which involves the production of a car.

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Senior Studio Project – Journal 1

In preparation for the final project, I limited my ideas down to three options. To allow the greatest amount of versatility when working with these project ideas, a simple logline is used to describe the story in the most condensed terms. Expanding upon this basis, mood boards are made for each to give a general idea behind the aesthetic and style in addition to basic considerations like color scheme.

Project 1:

Logline: “The story follows a marble’s POV as it travel’s through the inner workings of an obstacle course”

Mood board:

Continue reading

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Senior Studio – Choice Projects

The following pieces of work are projects that I have done recently, and are what I view as a good indication of my current skill level and aptitudes as an artist.

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Refined Living Composition

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Alfred Ceramic Art Museum Permanent Exhibition

Ceramics is a far-reaching topic – any collection of pieces spanning different eras and locations will give an appreciation of how the art evolved to suit a particular need and culture. The Alfred Ceramic Art Museum’s permanent collection offers a unique look into the diverse art of ceramics and sculpting. Continue reading

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